Are you still filling that recycle bin with all those plastic bottles ?

If you shop at a big box store, you will see folks buying cases and cases of bottled beverages. Many of us have discovered that the contents of those bottles may not be the best choices when it comes to healthy decisions but also important is what to do with all that plastic.

Recycle is a common term these days but do you see the news accounts and videos showing where a lot of that plastic actually ends up ? We have an environmental disaster when it comes to trashing our planet.  There is plastic everywhere.

With Enagic, the Kangen Water Company, we offer a once-in-a-lifetime purchase of a device that could last decades, if maintained correctly, AND it offers an unlimited supply of fantastic healthy water.  Have you heard of Kangen Water before ? Have you experienced Kangen Water before ? Do you already own a Kangen Water machine ?

11 years ago, I was introduced to this technology and because of health issues that my children had, I researched what this water can do. I am happy to report, as I made a deal with God (He loves when I do that) that IF this water ‘worked’ on my children’s challenges, that I would quit my corporate job and do THIS full time. Yes, that was 11 years ago and I AND Enagic are still going strong !!!

My favorite thing to tell the people I train is “I finally found a job from which I never have to retire” and I mean that more and more with each passing year.  Enagic celebrates our 45th Year THIS MONTH and I could not be happier with my ‘experiment’ that has turned into a lifestyle.

Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver began Networking full time in June of 2008, when she founded her Miracles With Water company. She started Networking all over the Greater Kansas City area and was soon referred to as a ‘Master Networker’. Her involvement in these groups over the years has actually awarded her designations such as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce; a four-time Bartlett-Olson Membership Achievement Award Recipient; and Cathy was voted into the KC Magazine’s 2013 Class of Most Influential Women. In 2018, Cathy was selected as the Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year by the Kansas Department of Commerce. With the success of her Kangen Water business, dba Miracles With Water, Cathy also found the time to write 3 books: "Networking On Steroids" published in 2012, "He Hit The Clouds Running...and never looked back" published in 2017 and "Networking On Steroids PQ" published in 2020. From #water to #networking to #grief and beyond, Cathy may be that person YOU would like to have speak to your group, virtually, of course.

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