Polka Dot Powerhouse to Launch in Kansas City

If you have followed my blog, you know that many of the Networking organizations I have found have been through MeetUp.com !!! I check my email at least once a day and lo and behold, a NEW Meetup has launched in Kansas City called Polka Dot Powerhouse.  WHAT ???

I ‘joined’ the MeetUp and attended the Meet n Greet at a private home and met some amazing and truly fascinating women.  The leader, Amy, spoke to us regarding the beginnings of Polka Dot Powerhouse, the phenomenal growth, and the vision for the future.  HELPING WOMEN CONNECT sounds like a great system to me, as in Connect The Dots !!!

If you are interested in another Networking group, or perhaps attending your first, please connect with me on this website.  www.CathyWeaverKC.com

In the meantime, if you would like to ‘check out’ the Powerhouse, visit www.PolkaDotPowerhouse.com and see why this looks like such a great sisterhood, and yes, I JOINED !!!

Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver began Networking full time in June of 2008, when she founded her Miracles With Water company. She started Networking all over the Greater Kansas City area and was soon referred to as a ‘Master Networker’. Her involvement in these groups over the years has actually awarded her designations such as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce; a four-time Bartlett-Olson Membership Achievement Award Recipient; and Cathy was voted into the KC Magazine’s 2013 Class of Most Influential Women. In 2018, Cathy was selected as the Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year by the Kansas Department of Commerce. With the success of her Kangen Water business, dba Miracles With Water, Cathy also found the time to write 3 books: "Networking On Steroids" published in 2012, "He Hit The Clouds Running...and never looked back" published in 2017 and "Networking On Steroids PQ" published in 2020. From #water to #networking to #grief and beyond, Cathy may be that person YOU would like to have speak to your group, virtually, of course.

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