What happens if you do not change the oil ???

We talk ALL THE TIME about keeping your Enagic device in tip-top order – WHICH MEANS – running your Beauty Water daily – AND using the cleaning cartridge AT LEAST once a month – and of course, you may send your machine to an Enagic office for deep cleaning as often as you wish !!!  We do NOT recommend these cleanings randomly – you do NOT want your plates inside your device looking like the attached photo.

      What happens if you do not change/fill the oil compartment in your car ??? What happens if you never fill/check or change the oil in your lawnmower ???  These machines that you have are medical devices in Japan…many of you take better care of your cars – or golf clubs – or c-pap machines than you do your Kangen Water unit.  PLEASE keep these life-altering devices running perfectly – FOR YOUR SAKE – so you will continue to create the very best drinking water on this planet.

      If you do not have or cannot find your cleaning cartridge and cleaning packets, www.Enagic.com is the ONLY place you can get replacements…the ‘imposter’ items on the internet DO NOT keep your warranty valid – you MUST purchase supplies from our company – you buy ‘junk’ you get ‘junk’ results –

      AND Speaking of the internet – when you tell your friends and family members about Kangen Water and they decide to ‘do their own research’ you KNOW what they find – bunk and more bunk – you can google Little Green Martians and you can get all kinds of ‘answers’ – SO when you tell someone about these devices, MAKE SURE they do it right and go to Google Scholar so at least they will get information that could help them make an informed decision.

      We are ALWAYS available for 3-way calls – schedule ahead, of course, so we can put you in our calendars – and we are MORE than happy to share with your friends and family WHY this water works – and it works GREAT, by the way – we are LIFERS and we KNOW what this water does for those we care about … we shared this with you and it is your ‘job’ to share with those YOU love and care about.

DRINK MORE WATER – it is THE most consumed beverage in the world,

so you should have THE VERY BEST !!!


Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver began Networking full time in June of 2008, when she founded her Miracles With Water company. She started Networking all over the Greater Kansas City area and was soon referred to as a ‘Master Networker’. Her involvement in these groups over the years has actually awarded her designations such as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce; a four-time Bartlett-Olson Membership Achievement Award Recipient; and Cathy was voted into the KC Magazine’s 2013 Class of Most Influential Women. In 2018, Cathy was selected as the Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year by the Kansas Department of Commerce. With the success of her Kangen Water business, dba Miracles With Water, Cathy also found the time to write 3 books: "Networking On Steroids" published in 2012, "He Hit The Clouds Running...and never looked back" published in 2017 and "Networking On Steroids PQ" published in 2020. From #water to #networking to #grief and beyond, Cathy may be that person YOU would like to have speak to your group, virtually, of course.

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