“Networking On Steroids”

Be sure to obtain your own copy of this book from Amazon.com  by clicking this link  http://bit.ly/NetworkingOnSteroids “Networking On Steroids” is now available in audio version, too!!! I have recorded this book on my youtube channel @CathyWeaverKC and I have included Chapter TEN on this page, as it is one of my favorites.


“What’s In Your Networking Toolbox” has been a very well-received presentation and I have changed the format to a zoom platform now.  To get on the tele-conferencing schedule, be sure to contact me via email me at Cathy@CathyWeaverKC.com .

Networking can be FUN as well as EFFECTIVE, even in this new normal!!!

From the Author:”Whether you think networking is an art form or a chore, I hope this book will help to take some of the mystique out of what you may have heard.” Let’s connect via zoom as Networking is a wonderful way to make this great big World of ours just a bit smaller.