Networking Events in your Community and Beyond.


Have you heard of Happy Neighborhood Project ??? Do you like to Network for FREE ? Do you like to meet people from all over the World each and every week ? Does making connections with other professionals really expand your reach ? I would like to invite you to be my guest at Happy Neighborhood Project – Midwest Ladies on Thursdays at 11am central time to connect with professional business women from all across the GLOBE. AND Please JOIN ME at HNP-Worldwide on Fridays at 1pm central time. Be sure to register ahead – even if it’s only a few minutes as your schedule permits, at and I would LOVE if you added Cathy Weaver as the person who invited you !!!





Also, there are wonderful Chambers of Commerce all over your community.

Below I have listed some of the local Chambers in the Kansas City area.

Be sure to see if any of these groups are meeting in person or via a tele-conferencing platform.



    • Northeast Johnson County Chamber –


When traveling, type in and enter the zip code where you are to find local groups to attend – great way to step out and meet NEW people in NEW cities !!!


    • Fun Fearless Female – groups located in Kansas City and Las Vegas – be sure to check to find dates, times and locations of meetings or visit Delinda Layne’s website directly at
    • Liberty Chamber of Commerce –
    • Leawood Chamber of Commerce –
    • Olathe Chamber of Commerce –