Meet Cathy Weaver, Kansas City’s Kangen Water Specialist, Author and Speaker.

Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver began Networking full time in June of 2008, when she opened her Miracles With Water company.  She started Networking all over the Greater Kansas City area and was soon referred to as a ‘Master Networker’.  Her involvement in various groups over the years has awarded her designations such as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce; a four-time Bartlett-Olson Membership Achievement Award Recipient;  and Cathy was voted into the KC Magazine’s 2013 Class of Most Influential Women.  Cathy’s most recent award was in October 2018 when she was selected as the Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

As a speaker and presenter, Cathy has had the privilege to speak to groups all over the world, most virtually now, of course.  “What’s In Your Networking Toolbox?” is a very popular subject for many organizations and institutions of higher learning.

In 2014, Cathy was enlisted to join the ranks of faculty for the IOM, Institute of Organization Management, for the United States Chamber of Commerce, where her class, Recruit, Engage, Retain was greeted with MUCH enthusiasm.  Chambers of Commerce are great sources of FANTASTIC Networking events.

One of the largest blessings in Cathy’s life, besides her precious family, is Enagic, the Kangen Water Company!!! In 2014, Cathy became a Certified Enagic Trainer, joining ranks with only a few hundred other trainers IN THE WORLD, commissioned “To Spread True Health Globally With Compassion, One Family At A Time”.  This designation is the continuation of the Enagic mission statement, and has been the passion and the joy that can only come when we do what we love.

Cathy’s first book, “Networking On Steroids™” published in 2012 is all about helping people with Networking techniques.  Cathy’s next book, “He Hit the Clouds Running …. and never looked back ….”  was released on July 1st, 2017 and is a memoir of her experience with death and dying and survivorship. This book is now recorded on her YouTube Channel, as are all of Cathy’s books.  This book has served as a platform for others to share openly about the pain and loneliness during the grief journey, offering light at the end of the tunnel.  Her ability to deal with grief and bereavement may offer some insight and techniques that few others have thought of before. With the Pandemic of 2020 forcing everyone to pivot in their personal lives and their business lives, Cathy wrote a sequel to her first book called “Networking On Steroids PQ™”. This book is A Guide to Networking In A World, Post Quarantine. Networking is such an effective tool and there are so many ways to stay connected AND build one’s Network, even in this PQ environment. Let’s zoom, shall we?

With the podcast platform providing such huge opportunities to share one’s mission in the world, Cathy launched Cathy Chat, where she is able to promote her Networking colleagues on her vodcast, as she calls it now, being a video and podcast platform. Her YouTube Channel and Spotify are the locations where Cathy Chat may be celebrated.

We are not finished yet with the mission of helping others, so “My Final Footprints” was born in September 2023. This e-book is available at no cost at and may serve as a conversation starter regarding the gathering and implementation of one’s final wishes. Cathy is happy to speak virtually to your organization about the subject that few are comfortable discussing, death, by way of her numerous experiences.

Connect with Cathy at to get on her schedule for a virtual presentation.