CLEAN your Machine !!!

     Cleaning Your MachineWell, WHAT is plugged ??? Think about it – a body is plugged up – a phone is plugged IN – a machine is plugged UP – there are many types of PLUGGED !!!

    In this case, we are interested certainly, in the BODY being plugged up – DRINK MORE WATER !!! If your machine is plugged up – CLEAN IT !!!

    We have attached a reminder page about cleaning these medical devices !!! YOU MUST treat these machines as the blessing that they are !!! You drank more water when you first got your machine delivered because you wanted to SEE what this water would do for you and your family … You took CARE of this machine when you first got it because you remembered how much sacrifice it took for you to pay for it – You shared what this water does for you and those you love and care about and when no one BIT on buying one for their household, YOU GAVE UP !!!

    Does everyone buy the same toaster you have ?  Does everyone buy the same car you have ? Does everyone buy the same TV that you have ?  People feel empowered to make their own purchasing decision – SO if you are sharing this water with those you love and care about, let them drink it FRESH for 2 weeks and then let them decide. (Giving the water FREE forever is counter-productive – the water is best DIRECTLY out of their OWN machine) !!!

    We are a phone call away to fill out their application over the phone – and then in about 5 days, you receive your commission check/s !!! This company has been the BEST decision of our lives and of people’s lives across this great big beautiful WORLD – we are a GLOBAL company, headquartered in Osaka, Japan !!!

    Are you doing what you love ? Are you making what you are worth ? Are you passionate about WHY you do what you do each day ? Change Your Water, Change Your Life !!!

    Please CLEAN these machines as directed – run the Beauty Water several minutes each day – Use your cleaning cartridge at least once a month (I know some of you do this each week – GOOD FOR YOU !!!) – and replace your filter as the machine directs you – AT LEAST once a year but for most of us, it’s a couple times a year !!!  This water is PRICELESS for those of us who drink LOTS of it daily –     How much EXACTLY is your health worth ???

Cathy Weaver

Cathy Weaver began Networking full time in June of 2008, when she founded her Miracles With Water company. She started Networking all over the Greater Kansas City area and was soon referred to as a ‘Master Networker’. Her involvement in these groups over the years has actually awarded her designations such as 2012 Volunteer of the Year for the Olathe Chamber of Commerce; a four-time Bartlett-Olson Membership Achievement Award Recipient; and Cathy was voted into the KC Magazine’s 2013 Class of Most Influential Women. In 2018, Cathy was selected as the Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year by the Kansas Department of Commerce. With the success of her Kangen Water business, dba Miracles With Water, Cathy also found the time to write 3 books: "Networking On Steroids" published in 2012, "He Hit The Clouds Running...and never looked back" published in 2017 and "Networking On Steroids PQ" published in 2020. From #water to #networking to #grief and beyond, Cathy may be that person YOU would like to have speak to your group, virtually, of course.

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